Tethered shooting on mac

I had been looking for a tethered shooting solution for my mac and my nikon D90. Nikon offers Camera Control Pro but it does not come bundled with the camera and has to be purchased separately. I’ve tried the demo version on windows but since I no longer use windows, i had started looking for a software, preferably a FOSS, that would directly transfer my photos from the camera to my laptop for instant onscreen picture review. I finally found Sofortbild today and its free to use! 😀

This is a fantastic piece of software written for mac computers by Stefan Hafeneger, using the Nikon SDK. Stefan used his D90 to develop the software and this means it should work perfectly with mine 😉 Great opportunities ahead since I was planning to gather some experience in studio photography. So far, I’ve explored landscapes but there are still many genres I am yet to get acquainted with like artistic nude, wedding photography, portraiture, parts modelling and still life as well as techniques such as HDR, long exposures and macro photography. A few recent samples of my work are published on my Flickr page (side bar).

Just a little note to fellow mac users and DSLR camera owners. Without going into the technical poop, I’ve recently experienced an issue when editing my photos where the colours  were not displaying correctly in non-mac environments. When viewed on a pc, the photos looked ‘desaturated’ or as if a layer of gray had been applied to them. This problem can be solved on Adobe Photoshop by the following independent or combined set of actions:

  • Select sRGB as the colour profile on the camera
  • On Photoshop, View>>Proof Setup>>Monitor RGB for OS neutral colour management
  • Edit>>Colour Settings>>Working Space>>sRGB
  • Edit>>Convert to Profile>>sRGB (the one that worked for me)

However, I still note that the colours look brighter, with more contrast on a mac screen than on a pc. Mac OS X Leopard still uses Gamma 1.8 but OS X Snow Leopard will adopt Gamma 2.2, the gamma standard used on PCs and television screens. This setting can be altered by entering System Preferences>>Displays>>Colour>>Calibrate. I’m being fussy about these details as I spend much time to edit and perfect my photos and it’s a massive turn-off when the end results are not being seen the way they should.

if only they could all get a mac 😉

2 Responses to Tethered shooting on mac

  1. Bruno says:

    You have a Mac!!!!!!!1 Coooool!!!! 🙂 So you do useful stuff on your computer then 🙂

  2. yups 🙂
    using a mac is an unequaled experience..

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